Due to the overall size of the plan document it has been subdivided into segments which can be easily downloaded by clicking on the links below. Key maps, plans and renderings from the document have been extracted and can be viewed on this page without downloading.

Midland Key Findings_1 of 3

Midland Reuse Concepts_2 of 3

Midland Infrastructure Improvements_3 of 3

Midland Appendix_1 of 2

Midland Appendix_2 of 2

Midland Key Parcel Information_1 of 2

Midland Key Parcel Information_2 of 2

Midland – East

Midland East portion of the study area to the Industry Borough boundary

Midland – West

Midland West portion of the study area to the Ohioville Borough boundary

Map showing the planning framework for Midland

Midland Schematic Reuse Strategy 1

Railraod Avenue after vegetated filter strips and bicycle “sharrow” symbols have been added along with a new shared parking lot to the south. The vegetated filter strip will manage stormwater runoff from both the shared parking lot and Railroad Avenue.


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