Due to the overall size of the plan document it has been subdivided into segments which can be easily downloaded by clicking on the links below. Key maps, plans and renderings from the document have been extracted and can be viewed on this page without downloading.

Coraopolis Key Findings_1 of 3

Coraopolis Reuse Concepts_2 of 3

Coraopolis Infrastructure Improvements_3 of 3

Coraopolis Station Reuse Concepts_1 of 1

Coraopolis Appendix_1 of 2

Coraopolis Appendix_2 of 2

Coraopolis Key Parcel Information_1 of 1

Coraopolis Station Key Parcel Information_1 of 1

There are two study areas in Coraopolis: the Riverfront from Chestnut Street to the Borough boundary and the area around the historic Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Station.

Coraopolis – Riverfront

Rivefront Study Area on the south side of the Ohio River back channel, near the Neville Island Bridge

Coraopolis – Station Area

The Coraopolis P&LE station was designed Henry Hobson Richardson, one of America's most important architects of the 19th century


Historic view of the station

Coraopolis Study Areas

Map showing the planning framework for Coraopolis

Coraopolis Schematic Reuse Strategy 1

Coraopolis Schematic Reuse Strategy 2

New boathouses (in red) and student housing (in orange) will provide a fresh interface between downtown Coraopolis and Robert Morris University’s Island Sports Complex fostering a stronger town and gown relationship.

Map showing the planning framework for Coraopolis Station

Coraopolis Station Schematic Reuse Strategy


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