Due to the overall size of the plan document it has been subdivided into segments which can be easily downloaded by clicking on the links below. Key maps, plans and renderings from the document have been extracted and can be viewed on this page without downloading.

Aliquippa Key Findings_1 of 3

Aliquippa Reuse Concepts_2 of 3

Aliquippa Infrastructure Improvements_3 of 3

Aliquippa Appendix_1 of 2

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The study area includes the area at the terminus of Franklin Avenue from the railroad underpass to the Ohio River, including Logstown Run.

View of the former water intake to J&L Steel.

Map showing the Aliquippa study area

Map showing the planning framework for Aliquippa

Aliquippa Schematic Reuse Strategy 1

Aliquippa Schematic Reuse Strategy 2

Visitors to the Longstown Run Conservation Area will be encouraged to enter and engage with the ecosystem via overlook pavilions and other switchback water access paths.

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